cancer sucks

I knew Ali had been sick and they did a bunch of tests on her. At one point they had the entire basketball team get shots in our butts for something because we all shared water and close quarters and they thought she might be contagious. It wasn’t pleasant that is for sure. But walking […]

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the day it all changed

A lot happened that was normal between third grade and seventh grade, I don’t remember a lot of specifics, but I know a lot happened. Ya know kid stuff; basketball, swimming, dolls, dancing, skiing, friends moving, softball, friends, reading, running, learning, etc. Ok so reading that list back in my head, probably not so normal, […]

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the last innocence

I was going into third grade. It was a warm early summer day. You know the quintessential kind where the kids are running and playing in the neighborhood and you can hear the laughing and gleeful screams of playful tag or basketball with a dog barking every once in a while. With the backdrop of […]

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Here I am…

In Isaiah 6:8 Isaiah asks God to send him; And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.” I know this is a very common verse that is quoted and memorized, and I know we all say […]

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It’s a chaotic whirlwind of emails, texts, screaming, crying, peppa pig, sizzling of food, phone ringing and all I want is You. You bring me peace and calm. You blessed me with my tribe and put it in my heart to come to You at the same time. It overwhelms me as a simple human. […]

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Here Your land is great. Here the vastness is in such a small area. Here there is beauty as far as the eye can see. Here the awe-inspiring history…my history. Here from Dan to Beersheba is Your Land. Here the Land, the people, the culture, the language are beautiful; but none of it comes close […]

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waiting at the doctors office not wanting to make eye contact with other people in the waiting room we have all at some point picked up our cell phones pretending to do something super duper important but we can’t find anything else to do except play solitaire on our smartphone. as I was doing this […]

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